Shopping for AI at Walmart

cosmas-and-craig-walmartThe Grey Jean team recently returned from Bentonville, Arkansas, where we had the amazing opportunity to participate in Walmart’s Technology Innovation Open Call.

We were fortunate enough to be one of a small handful of technology companies that were invited to present to a captive audience of stakeholders about how our AI-powered recommendation engine Genie has the potential to change the way people shop at Walmart.

In looking back at our presentation and the reaction we got from Walmart leaders in attendance, I was struck by two primary thoughts:


1 – Walmart really gets it

It’s hard to look at the biggest retailer in the world as an innovator, but I was blown away at how smart and thoughtful the team was, specifically when it comes to how data and technology can transform the retailer/shopper experience. As seen through their recent acquisition of, Walmart is committed to providing a premier online/offline experience. They understand that doing this includes providing very contextual and relevant promotions to their customers when, where and how they want them. This is what leads me to the second “revelation:”


2 – The market opportunity to provide a better shopping experience keeps growing

It was heartening to see just how big of a market opportunity there is for AI technologies like Genie. Retailers of all sizes are sitting on mountains of data that can transform their marketing activities and usher in a new era of sales for both the retailer and the customer. The reception we received after demonstrating how Genie can predict shopper behavior with incredible accuracy made the trip worthwhile. Smart retailers like Walmart understand the future of shopping will be incredibly personal and predictive.

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